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Dear friends - If you know who we are, you know that we’ve always tried to make you laugh as we laugh at ourselves and explore the complexities of modern Jewish identity and spiritual crises in the 21st century (while eating our way through our hometown of Montreal). Lately, unfortunately, things seem… tense-ish, no? In light of recent events, and the endless barrage of antisemitism, racism and xenophobia flowing like diaflukhes in our newsfeed, we present to you our Season 3 finale, An Anticementish Episode. It’s our plea for civilized conversation, even as we raise the red flags of paranoia and fear that are all too real, both online and out in the real world. It’s also a call to action, to be aware, and to rebel as necessary. It may be ‘dangerous’ territory, but perhaps risk (read: “chutzpah") is what is needed in times like these.

We have recently been named Ambassadors for Peace in Montreal (!), and have released the episode just before International Peace Day. Our ask is that you share this episode widely through your networks, with our hashtags #CheesebagelsForPeace and #YidLifeCrisis. Our hope is that by continuing to push the discussion of combatting antisemitism to the fore - even (or especially) through the 'Trojan horse of Comedy' - maybe we can educate, stimulate discussion and, maybe, still have a laugh while doing it.
Yours in peace,

Jamie & Eli, September 2019

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