The Web Series

Season Two


Episode One | Off The Top

On the Holy First Day of the Jewish New Year, Chaimie and Leizer's resolutions may be snipped short.


Episode Two | Yingl Belz

Chaimie & Leizer nosh on wontons (aka kreplach) and discover that we're all a little bit Christm-ish.


Episode Three | The Double Date

A blind date for Leizer with the perfect woman turns into a battle of nebbish proportions.


Episode Four | Coming Out of Bondage

On the eve of Passover, Chaimie coaxes Leizer to come out for a bit.


Special Episode | YidLife Crisis vs. Howie Mandel

The boychicks from YidLife Crisis get their chance to meet Howie Mandel and are determined not to blow it.