Chewdaism in the Fleish!


Invite Chewdaism stars ‘Chaimie’ and ‘Leizer,’ to show their film in the fleish at your next festival, cultural program or fundraiser!

Performers first, noshers second and filmmakers third, Eli Batalion & Jamie Elman, aka the yinglemen behind “YidLife Crisisand this delicious doc, can come to your event to introduce and contextualize the film with their with patented shtick. 

After the film, they field questions from the audience (and ask a few themselves, because, you know, #Jews), and may show one of their award-winning shorts, give an impromptu lesson in Yiddish cursing/kvetching, or even break out into song!

For festivals, consider this for your: Opening night event, Closing night event, Patron Dinner or Fundraiser. Please Note that non-Canadian festivals may be eligible for support from the local Canadian consulate. Please contact us for more info.

Sample Show Menu


6:00 – 7:00


-Deli-catered event

7:00 – 8:30

-Recognition Speeches (Jamie & Eli can help with these)

-YidLife’s ‘Turn off Cellphones” vid (In Yiddish! w/ subtitles)

-YidLife Crisis Short Film

-Brief (yet hilarious) intro by Jamie & Eli

-Screening of CHEWDAISM: A Taste of Jewish Montreal

-Q&A with Jamie and Eli

-Closing Finale Song

8:30 – 9:00



-Meet and Greet/Selfies with Jamie and Eli



The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival was thrilled to welcome YidLife Crisis to Atlanta to present their film “Chewdaism: A Taste of Jewish Montreal” for its 2019 Closing Night. Eli and Jamie’s energetic, charming, and engaging presence was truly a treat for audiences, who loved both the hilarious performance as well as the entertaining film.
— Katherine Price Crosby, Atlanta Jewish Film Festival
The award-winning YidLife Crisis spin a fascinating albeit frothy tale about the history of Jewish Montreal. Viewers will be left feeling tantalized - or perhaps reeling - by all the munchies….the food serves as an oddly intriguing counterpoint to the history lesson that weaves its way through the various pit stops.
— Bill Brownstein, The Gazette
Jamie and Eli’s two-day residency generated a buzz for the film festival and the JCC almost unheard of in its breadth. I cannot recommend hosting them strongly enough, preferably by combining Chewdaism and YidLive!. Presenting both shows allowed the one to serve as a feeder to the other and generate not only audience excitement, but important conversations about Jewish identity in the digital age.
— Jaime Loeb – Senior Director, JCC of Metro Detroit
The zany duo behind YidLife Crisis are back doing what they do best – chowing down and rapturously talking about the food between mouthfuls, all in the name of exploring Jewish identity… The duo make sure the learning is fun.
— Janice Arnold, Canadian Jewish News

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